Job Description

WRISA Executive Director

            Reports to:      WRISA Board of Directors


The Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA) is a statewide accrediting association, organized as a non-stock/not-for-profit corporation, which accredits religious and independent schools across the state of Wisconsin.  The Board of Directors is currently seeking an Executive Director with administration experience and who has an understanding of and experience with K-12 school accreditation. The Executive Director is the face of WRISA, works closely with the WRISA Board of Directors, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the organization, ensuring that it is operating efficiently and effectively. The Board of Directors places a high priority on the Executive Director being aligned with the Vision, Mission and Core Values of WRISA and must be evidenced through consistent communication, transparency, and collaboration.  The Board of Directors is searching for an Executive Director who is committed to supporting the strategic objectives and leading the WRISA organization into the future through positive leadership.

Duties of the Executive Director in Relation to:

The WRISA Board of Directors:  Works collaboratively and transparently with the WRISA Board to fulfill the WRISA mission, communicating effectively and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.

                *Assists the Board in reviewing the WRISA Vision, Mission, Core Values and short-and long-term goals

*Assists the Board in policy and budget development:  informs the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems, and activities in order to facilitate policy-making; recommends policy decisions

*Works with the Board to ensure financing to support short- and long-term goals

*Plans and prepares for four Board meetings annually by preparing the agenda, Executive Director reports and logs, and documents needed for agenda topics.

*Communications with Board Jurisdictional  representatives regarding the process for reviewing Visiting Team Reports, Annual Reports, and Long Range Plans.

            *Other duties as assigned by the Board

Accreditation Responsibilities:    In collaboration with the Board, provides a comprehensive process of school self-assessment based on professional standards, onsite visitation by a team of peers, and long-range planning for WRISA schools and those seeking membership.

*Provides training in Self-Study preparation and site visit protocols as requested; recruits and trains Team Chairpersons and Team members as requested; develops and maintains current training resources

*Understands and navigates the Statewide Parental Choice Program, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, and the Racine Parental Choice Program as these interface with pre- and accreditation requirements.

*In collaboration with the Independent Schools Board representative, communicates and coordinates accreditation activities with independent schools; provides training and resources in preparation for the site visit; provides annual training for school administrators; recruits and trains Team Chairpersons and Team members; establishes site visit teams communicates rosters to Team Chairperson and schools.

*Monitors progress of candidate schools completing the Self-study for the first time.

*Provides required documents following the site visit; provides necessary documents and instructions to schools; follows up on al Standard Quality Indicators met with provision.

*Communicates site visit decisions to the Board:  prepares Visiting Team Reports and Long Range Plans for Board review; communicates Board decisions to schools; provides Notification of Accreditation letters, certificates, and press releases to schools; organizes “appeals,” provides Annual Report information to Jurisdictional Representatives.

                *Other duties as assigned by the Board

Fiscal Management:  In conjunction with the Board, establishes and executes policies and procedures that provide for transparent fiscal decision-making and management.

            *Oversees all WRISA fiscal activities including budgeting, reporting, and audit

*Maintains and balances the WRISA checking account; records all bank statements, invoices, receipts, and contracts; prepares and submits appropriate invoices; makes and records all deposits; pays bills

*In collaboration with the Board Treasurer, prepares year-to-date budget reports, budget proposals, and End-of-Year Report.

*Tracks and administers WRISA investments; prepares IRS schedules and forms; schedules annual audit review

*Other duties as assigned by the Board

Community and Public Relations:  Works with the Board and individual Jurisdictional representatives to ensure that the WRISA mission is fulfilled through programs, strategic planning, and outreach to appropriate stakeholders.

                *Serves as the official spokesperson for WRISA on the local, state, and national levels.

*Maintains regular and open communication with candidate and members schools through verbal communication, newsletters, emails, website, and written correspondence.

*Responds to all inquiries concerning WRISA; handles complaints

*Markets WRISA services to interested schools and target audiences through the website, written marketing materials, and informational presentations.

*Represents WRISA by participating in professional organizations and networking with appropriate  local, state, and national governing bodies and associations; provides required reports

            *Other duties as assigned by the Board

Organizational Management:  Oversees and implements appropriate management protocols to ensure that the WRISA organization is efficient and effective.

*Provides general management of day-to-day operations; maintains WRISA archives, directories, membership data, Board agendas, minutes, and reports; processes mail; maintains office space.

*Develops and updates all WRISA communication materials such as policy manuals, directories and newsletters.

*Maintains basic accreditation process forms:  dues, annual report information, annual membership forms and reports, and pre-accreditation and candidate application forms.

*Provides for a current, updated WRISA website; enters all information and maintains all school accounts on the WRISA server.

*Updates and renews insurance policies annually; renews annual memberships and remits annual fees in relation to networked organization, local, state, and national regulatory entities, and vendors.

*Assures adherence to all state and federal laws and regulations; submits timely reports as required.

*Ensures program quality and organizational stability through review of standards and controls, systems and procedures, and regular evaluation of the program.

*Remains informed of developments in religious and independent school education, accreditation and assessment, non-profit management and governance.

            *Other duties as assigned by the Board


            General Qualifications:

            A minimum of a master’s degree                                        

                Prior experience in administration

                Understanding of and previous experience with accreditation

                Technology skills and knowledge of software applications and internet use

                Writing and research skills

                Organizational, planning and scheduling skills

                Public speaking skills

                Ability to balance checkbook and maintain accurate financial records

                Knowledge of Wisconsin State Statutes as they pertain to nonpublic schools

                Additional Preferred Qualifications:

            Degree in Education and/or Educational Administration

                Prior experience in teaching and school administration

                Understanding of and previous experience with WRISA accreditation Standards and protocols

Job Requires:

            Ability and willingness to travel—locally, statewide, and nationally

                Ability to use technology for extended periods of time

                Ability to participate in accreditation site visits

                Ability to conduct in-service and training sessions

                Ability to work from home

                Ability to lift 40 lbs.

Salary and Benefits:

            Salary:  Compensation consistent with experience and education.


                        Full time contract

                                Flexible Schedule

                                Ability to work from home

                                Office expenses

                                Mileage, meals, and accommodations associated with meetings

                                Other Board-approved expenses


How to Apply:

Interested applicants should email a cover letter, a resume and 4 references to:


WRISA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer